Spring Semester 2021 - Credit Courses

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CHMY_121NL_02EIntro to General Chemistry
Meets: 1/19/2021-5/6/2021
Kalispell Campus
NOTE: Lab safety will be completed online during the first week of the semester. The lab will meet in the laboratory on campus during the second week of the semester (1/25/21) at the scheduled lab time. The following week it will take place asynchronously at home. The lab will continue to rotate in person and at home each week for the rest of the semester. Internet access is required for this class. This course requires an estimated $175 lab kit through purchase or rental.




AT 206

RH 100

RH 105
1D Long
Add'l Fee: $55.00

Intro to General Chemistry

Prerequisites: appropriate score on chemistry placement exam, or grade of "B-" or better in CHMY 105NL within the past 2 years, or Chemistry Department consent. As the first semester of an introduction to general, inorganic, organic and biological chemistry, this course covers measurement systems, atomic structure, chemical periodicity, bonding, chemical reactions, acid-base chemistry, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry. Laboratory included.

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