Spring Semester 2017 - Credit Courses

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 Course TitleCredDaysTimeRoomSeats
HVC_130_80HVAC Electrical
Meets: 1/17/2017-5/11/2017
Online Course
3crArrArrangedOnline19R Wade
Add'l Fee: $45.00

HVAC Electrical

Basic electrical safety and electrical theory such as Ohms Law, circuit schematic symbols, and circuit characteristics, will be discussed as it specifically applies to DC and AC circuits in the HVAC industry. Additional theory will be presented regarding magnetism as it applies to AC power generation. The course will also include discussions and calculation of the effects of capacitive, induction, and resistive circuits. The course concludes with an overview of transformers. This course is a prerequisite to HVC 230. Students enrolled in the HVAC program are required to take this course. (Internet course only.)

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