Fall Semester 2023 - Credit Courses

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HONR_153HN_01Honors I: BS or Inexactitude
Meets: 8/28/2023-12/15/2023
Kalispell Campus
Note: Students must be admitted to the Honors Program to register for this class. Science and literature share the responsibility of informing society about truth in the world. Potential for misinformation is high and often taken advantage of to influence the public toward particular conclusions. In this class, students will learn strategies for understanding how and when scientific information is misinterpreted and how to carefully draw conclusions, as well as how some forms of misinformation, such as literary satire, can draw attention to social issues. Students will build an understanding of how the presentation of information can be used to support, skew, inform, or point out flaws in societal ideals and approaches to the natural world.
4crMW9:00AM-10:50AMBSS 1336J Alexander Haag

H Bissell Kauffman

Honors I: BS or Inexactitude

Prerequisite: acceptance into the Honors Program. This course involves critical analysis of major themes of the humanities coordinated and examined through one or more of the sciences. Skills in critical reading/analysis and the development of ideas through argument, writing, and oral communication will be utilized in order to engage student's knowledge, imagination and creativity.

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